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Remember Me: Review

Posted by Jake on June 9, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Note: I'm in the process of playing The Last of Us, don't worry the review will be up as soon as possible.

Okay, so Remember Me is a game I have been waiting for, basically because of it's cool concpet of manipulating memories to change combat. Now, I was kinda iffy about the gameplay though, from what I heard the combat was sort of, floaty. I was in the mood for a good 3D brawler, and it seems I got what I asked for.



Remember Me is probably this year's Rival to Bioshock for Game of The Year, at least how I see it. It' takes Bioshock Infinite's gorgeous environments, and mixes them with DMC's combat. I could stop there, but there is a couple problems I have. While the game is beautiful, and awesome to explore, there isn't really much TOO explore. It's a fairly linear game with little to no exploration, and that's soemthing that I really wish was implemented, exploring would have been fun, but instead, is left out. That and the game is pretty easy, even on higher difficulty, the game isn't much of a challenge till the last 3rd of the game, where you are barraged by difficult enemies.


In the game, you are a memory stealer/keeper/retriever, and basically, the gimmick is that you can go inside people's memories and mnaiuplate them, and you can also manipulate combat, by making your own combos, which I can say is a welcome addition to a brawler like this, mixing and forming combos is really fun, as well as unleashing them on your vast array of robotic/cyborg (whatever the hell they are.) enemies. And the whole story is interesting, but it suffers from the whole Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy problem of being just, hard to follow, as you might expect with a game with this kind of premise. The combat itself, once you've manipulated it, is quite fun. While it's not as hard hitting as DMC's was, you feel a bit more agile, seeing as your a 125 pound woman, that's pretty appropropriate. The voice acting is, good, for the most part, being good in most places, and just on in others. It's a fun game to play, but it's still too easy, giving enemies that need a pattern to defeat no particular purpose, so for the game to be really effective, I'd play on the highest difficulty, just to amp up the challenge. It controls well too, definitely recommend a controller for this game though, on PC, I can imagine it being nightmarish with a keyboard. It's still as simple or as complex as you want to be, and unlocking new customizable combos and seeing what they create is awesome, I'm always waiting to unload a new can of whoop ass on the next enemy, and since it's so fluid and light, you feel like a feather that kicks like an olympic gymnast, which is a bit floaty, but it didn't affect me in the slightest. The combat is basically very similar to that of Arkham City, and it has the linearity of Arkham Asylum, but it's definitely nicer to look at.


I had a good time with Remember Me, it was a but confusing at times, but the wonderful environments, cool and customizable combat, and new ideas it introduces for the brawler genre made me enjoy it the whole way through. It's linear, and a bit too easy, but it's all great fun.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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