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So, I jist posted my review for Star Trek: the video game, and was severely underwhelming. Another piece of shovelware by studios with no love for the source material. It made me think, are there any GOOD licensed games? Usually I dread playing/reviewing them, but I remember a select few that ended up pretty good. Any body got any good licensed games they played?

Transformers War for/ Fall of Cybertron: Both these games, were MILES better than any transformers media in the past ten years. The games respected the source material, kept true to the characters, got Peter Cullen to voice Optimus Prime in both games, and overall, were very fun games. You played as a variety of different autobots and decepticons, and the world of cybertron was well realized, i enjoyed the game.

Marvel VS Capcom: Yes, this is kinda cheating, but Marvel is a license, and the whole MvsC frnachise has been great, aside from all the STUPID DLC! THANKS CAPCOM YOU GREEDY BASTARDS! I don't need to sing these games praise though, everybody knows their decent.

Goldenye 007: The most famous of practically ALL FPS games, this James Bond game was stellar, while it hasn't aged well, the remake for the Xbox, Goldeneye Reloaded, was awesome, updating the graphics, controls, characters, and textures, as well as adding the Daniel Craig Bond to the mix. I love the story, being just like the movie, it was awesome, and played out nicely, and the multiplayer is something nearly every gamer has spent hours with their friends playing, with a wide variety of game styles, modes, and characters, this game was and is, fantastic. I like playing Oddjob in the remake, cause he can throw hats XD

The SImpsons: Road Rage: It's basically Grand Theft Auto: Springfield. This game was amazing, you could play as every character, ride in TONS of different cars that all played differently, and got to explore the open world of SPringfield, which was fun and incredibly goofy, causing explosions, going of roofs, and completing challenges was aweome in the game. but at the end of the day, it was just nice to screw aroung with friends.

Lord of the Rings: The two towers: Putting tolkien's words into life through the movies swept the early 2000's by storm, but I first experienced it through the video game. This RPG was awesome, it had all the normal LOTR characters that you could swap in and out of your party, all with unique abilities that would benefit and hinder you in different ways, getting loot, uncovering the stories, and the REALLY good looking cutscenes made this game a blast. And it looked gorgeous too.

Thats about all I can think of, anybody else?


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Spiderman 2 the movie game. It was actually awesome and unexpected. Like the first one was okay, but the second one kicked so much ass. Xmen Origins: Wolverine, Uncaged was also another great surprise. That game said fuck it to the movie and did their own thing and it shockingly had smooth gameplay and was actually fun. 

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Oh and War/ Fall Of Cybertron where fucking amazing titles. I love those games and High Moon studios. I wish more people played that game. It deserves the attention. 

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Some of the Star Wars games aren't bad, but if you're looking for ones based on the movies obviously there's the SNES ones and I thought Stars Wars Episode 3 was pretty fun.


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