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This... is... AMERICA!!!
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KP is my real name.

I am a writer, a video gamer, a tabletop gamer, a libertarian, a minarchist, a capitalist, an interventionist, a nontheist, an intelligent person, and a future internet comedian who likes Disturbed's music, women, cake, Mountain Dew, and amphibians.

I have tried to be as mature as possible by such means as paying more attention to politics than to religion, treating women like people, acknowledging all racism (including racism against whites) as racism, acknowledging all sexism (including sexism against guys) as sexism, respecting permissive democratic governments, disrepecting tyrannical autocrat governments, improving on my media plans, committing to a high-protein, high-calcium diet, understanding the Scientific Research into swearing (and the SR into sexuality), and tolerating criticism.

I aspire to do a field of Zoology called Batrachology (study of amphibians) as my career, and to start my webshows in May 6th 2012 on YouTube, Openfilm, Blip, and Sevenload as one hobby to make money from (partnerships earn you 2-15 $ per 1000 views as estimate, real #s are kept a secret), and the other hobby I make money from being to sell custom-made costumes, custom-made items, and hopefully live toads and newts for those who want them as pets. The shows will consist of a video game review show, a tabletop gaming show about Games Workshop's LOTR strategy battle game, a cooking show, a politics show, a music review show about Disturbed, a TV documentary review show about Deadliest Warrior, a Q&A show about the Haradrim from Middle-earth, and a Q&A show about the Easterlings from the same fictional continent. All shows will be present here, since they are all comedy.

I could describe myself in full detail, but that would take way the hell to long.

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Reply Joel
9:54 PM on May 26, 2012 
Sorry for the delayed response. Video uploading has been restricted to site staff only. This was done due to the fact that too many fans where posting so many videos that the site constantly crashed. I paid for more bandwith, but it wasn't enough and it crashed again. Adam and myself paid for more once again and it happened again. We simply do not have the funds to support every fans content. I would love for that to be the case, but we don't have that type of money. So we collected the money to restore the site and keep it up. I restricted content uploading to the staff so the site could never crash and we have avoided the issue ever since, but sadly at the cost of others ability to post.
I must say thank you RedGroundBlackSnake for the information about Veoh but I will NOT be making anymore videos but things can change where I will make videos in the future. I did made four videos before blip.tv wrongfully terminated me in which I was going to put up.

One of the videos was about praying, the other video was about Game Gear, the next video was about Sega Genesis and the last video was just the music video of me dancing in that praying video. Thanks again and be careful with blip.tv for blip.tv is Evil.
RedGroundBlackSnake I just want to let you know that blip.tv terminated my account with blip.tv on November 4, 2010. Blip.tv said that I violated some Terms of Service in which I did not know about that Terms of Service because blip.tv do NOT answer my e-mails when I ask blip.tv what is allowed and what is not allowed.

I am not sure if I will get the money I made so far from blip.tv or if blip.tv is going to steal that money. This is the end for me unless God Jesus Christ which is Yahweh help me but if He does not I stll love Him and that this maybe the end of me. Time will tell what is next so Goodbye or not Goodbye.
Reply Joel
12:16 PM on August 28, 2010 
Ok try it again it should work, but only for a little while before your account returns to normal.
Reply Joel
10:45 AM on August 27, 2010 
Nah its ok. If you have issues you've runned in to just ask. May take more than one attempt, but we'll get to the bottom of it. So the "new channel" option doesn't appear when you try embeding a video? If it doesn't then I have a temporary solution. Try it again and if the new channel option isn't there then I shall enable your account to create one, but it will only be temporary, but the created channel will always remain up regardless of whether or not your account will be able to create new channels.
Reply Joel
3:36 PM on August 19, 2010 
Oh ok now I get your question. I thought you wanted your own section like the staff members do. Yes you can have your own video channel as to seperate yourself from others and better organize your videos. When you are posting a video on the site on the top you will see an option to post your video in a channel or create your own. Just pick the create your own channel option, name it, and there ya go. Everytime you post a video just put it in your channel and thats it.
Reply Joel
8:14 PM on August 3, 2010 
Those people who have their own sections on the site are staff members who work for the site. You and JP want to work for the site? Is that what your asking?