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I'm lazy so I'm just going to Copy and Paste my "About Me" from Raptr onto here.

What's up, my names Nick, I've been playing Video Games since I was about 3. Like many others, I started on the Super Nintendo. I am currently 20 years old and live in California where the Sun is Hot and the Girls wear less. My PSN is LitchAzazel (No underscore) Go ahead and add me, maybe we can find a game we both like and play :)

Favorite Game Series: Resident Evil, The Souls Series (Demon's/Dark Souls) Super Mario, Hitman, Guild Wars, Street Fighter, Metal Gear Solid, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Golden Sun, Silent Hill, WWF/E, Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, inFamous, Marvel vs Capcom, Ninja Gaiden, Sonic the Hedgehog, Soul Calibur, Tekken, The Sims, Tony Hawk's, Twisted Metal and Vectorman. That's about it.

Most Overrated Game Series: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Uncharted, Left 4 Dead, God of War, Resistance, Halo, Half Life, Assassins Creed, Gears of War, The Elder Scrolls, which is the only decent series in this list. (Skyrim sucked) Don't like my opinion? Get over it.

Favorite System of all Time: Nintendo 64

Least favorite System of all Time: It's a tie between the Wii, 360 and PS3.

Favorite Gaming Genres: Survival Horror and Stealth

Least Favorite Genres: Real Time Strategy and First Person Shooters.

Favorite Developer: None at the moment, used to be Capcom. I guess by default I would go with From Software or Platinum Games.

Developer I Hate the Most: Capcom (Until they get their shit straight)

Favorite Game of all Time: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Game I Hate the Most: Resident Evil 5

Console vs. PC: I am tired of seeing PC fanboy going on about how much better PC is to Console gaming. I don't care if the graphics are slightly better, they play the same, only difference is that I can play Console in the comfort of my Couch/Bed instead of sitting slouched over in a chair. I also don't like having to worry about having to upgrade my PC every year just to play a certain game. The only thing PC has that interest me are mods. But other than that It's nothing special. Not to say I look down on people if it's their gaming preference, I just hate being nagged by fanboys (Which is true in any case, not just PC Gaming)

Well that's all I can think of for now. I may add more if I realize I forgot anything. Don't think I'm an arrogant dick because I may have listed a game you like as Overrated or that I hate it. I honestly don't care if you enjoy a game. As long as you don't try to force me into liking it or say it's better than anything I play. And don't think I'm a Nintendo fanboy. I do love Nintendo, I grew up with them. But I know shit when I see it and Nintendo has done a great job making sure my brain is still functioning correctly. So far I've found this current Gen (7th Generation) of Video Gaming to be disappointing. I hope the Wii U, 720 and PS4 will be better but I have little faith as of late... But don't let me drag you down ^^

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