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 Welcome to the website FAQ. This is designed to answer any potential questions you may have about what something is on here. Bellow are the shows on this site and what they are about.

SpideyCast: Spideycast is my internet radio show/ podcast that me and my friend "Sticky" do. Its basically a free form show where we talk about anything and the show is controlled by the viewers questions through email. Viewers can email the show asking whatever they want as many times as they feel like and if you want to take part in controlling the show simply email it at SpideyCast@hotmail.com.

Sticky's Corner: The podcast (spideycast) co-host sticky has all his random content come to life in sticky's corner. Tune in for not only a good and funny read, but equally good and funny videos and random things that will make you laugh or go "what the fuck?".

Grind House Double Feature: The double features are old school 70's style video specials where you get 2 videos in one as well as gags and promo ads in between. Its meant to mimic two for one theater deals during the 70's.

L.O.G: L.O.G stand for LORDS OF GAMING which is a video series where me and my partner, Jigsaw (He has an account here of the same name) review video games together. We don't equally play games and we don't agree all the time so It makes for an interesting time and allows me to post more video game reviews since I don't have the time to play games enough to make a sufficient review alone, but with Jigsaw I can.

CineMatrix: CineMatrix Is the 2nd podcast That I have aside from the main one which is SpideyCast. CineMatrix, unlike SpideyCast has a focus on a subject which is movies. Me and my partners Jigsaw and Adam J review three movies in each episode giving our conflicting views on the flicks which make for a good and funny time.

Pimp Reviews: WebOfCinema's very own pimp, Pimp Daddy J, gives his comedic take on films that are so funny you can choke a bitch.

Animation Legacy: FilmMasterAdam pays his respect to the classic animated series which entertained generations.

Prank Box: This is where me, the site moderator (Silverado) and another friend jump online to fuck with people. Silverado has a near perfect ability to prank people and he hits the mark 99% of the time.

D&D: The show stands for the “Drunk and the Dog”. This is a review show that recaps the current films of the week or moment. Adam J of the Youtube channel “FilmMasterAdam” teams up with his talking dog puppet voiced by L.O.G Co-host “Jigsaw” to tackle films in the most comedic of ways.

Trailer Trash: The website crew gets together to bash movie trailers in the fashion of Mystery Science Theater 4000 

Quick Reviews: This mini review audio show gives first hand impressions and quick takes of movies and video games to help people out before the actual detailed reviews come out. They are three to five minutes in length, to the point, and are exclusive to the music player in the front page of the website.

Bobble Head Wars: For those who don't know there are talking toys in the world of WebOfCinema. It all started with my talking Viewtiful Joe bobble head who has found himself in a war of rivals with other talking toys and this fight could go on forever so move out of the way Toy Story!

Shezzy's Riddle Me This?: Our Resident Artist, Shezzy is a very talented artist. She does some art work for the site and even produces cover art for the movie reviews. Well if your registered to the website you may take part in her monthly riddle contests. If you honestly figure them out you will be rewarded with an art piece of your choice done by her and its well worth it, because shes extremely good. Now the question remains, can you beat her riddles?

FilmMasterReviews: Adam J grabs his booze, turns on a camera, and reviews films to save your ass.

The Haunting: The sites 3rd podcast after CineMatrix where I (spidey) and the sites moderator “Silverado” go through a slew of chilling ghost stories, both personal and found so join us why don't ya?

Epic Film Fail: Adam J (FilmMasterAdam) tackles nothing, but shitty movies with a humorous twist that would make the Nostalgia Critic proud.

World Of Comics: This is Weekly video series that takes a  look in to the world of comics, graphic novels, and books.

Crash Of The Week: The WebOfCinema crew plays together on X-Box LIVE every night and we always have chaotic moments that need to be recorded and so they will be in this feature where the top three crashes of the week will be recorded and high lighted as an episode.

The Idiot Syndrome: Ever felt like blowing up over the actions of stupid people in society with no mercy? Well then the Idiot Syndrome is for you! With its mean spirited bashing of the stupid you'll never feel guilty for hearing someone else speak your thoughts with a humorous touch.

Jigsaws Box: Jigsaws personal takes and reviews of films and video games.

PSA Gags: We mock conservative messages via spoofs and this ranges from original video productions, to mocks using X-Box LIVE, to simply spoofing Date Lines “To Catch A Predator”.

Digital Fix: (working project) WebOfCinema's own daily news show covering the world of movies, video games, comic books, and pop culture.

 The History Of Mortal Kombat Games: StormSink goes through the history of Mortal Kombat games in the franchise.

Stormsink Gaming: StormSinks personal reviews of video games.

Arcade: Play a variety of games on the site ranging from puzzles, shooters, RPG's, and multi player games with other members.

Why They Failed: StormSink showcases why something fails in the most humorous of ways.

Dramatic Readings: Ryan reads letters of the young and the stupid in the most dramatic of ways

Why Its Awesome: StormSink showcases why something is awesome in the most humorous of ways.

The Movie Buzzer: Cgace presents his news coverage of the world of movies.

The good, The Bad, And The Bloody: Cgace honors horror in the most bloody and entertaining of ways


On the top of the site you will see a variety of options that will guide you to any content you may be looking for.  Some options on top you only click to navigate to like the "Videos" options while others have drop down menues. Those options that have drop down menus will help to direct you to any desired show you may be looking for. For example, lets say your looking for "Epic Film Fail". You would go to the "Movie Reviews" option. Once your mouse is by it a menu will drop down with all the sites movie review shows. There you will see "Adamn J" and another menu listing his shows will appear. Click on "Epic Film Fail. From there you simply click on its name to be taken to its archive so you may watch the video. Please note that the "Blogs" option is the only one where the top option "blog" leads you somewhere. Everything else is navigated by the drop down menus that appear.


This website is mainly for entertaining and since its independently runned it does not boast the ability to let its users upload videos like traditional site such as youtube or facebook for examples. The videos that are on here are embeded on to the site. I have no problem with members embeding videos on here if they like to. Everything is acceptable and I have no video embeding restrictions. Just be aware that if you wish to post videos here it will have to be via embed, because uploading is not an option here.


Although I have a hard working staff that helps out with any issues that members may have we are a small team, I am only one person, and member will always out number me and my team. With that obvious statement out of the way it is clear that I can not address everyones possible questions all the time. This is why I post news and updates in two very helpful ways. The first is by mass emailing everyone. If you are registered to this website then you will get a weekly email containing the links to all the new content from the week to the email account you registered with on here. The second way to get news and information is to simply look at the front of the site.  A simple look will show you blog post answering all questions and boasting any news as well as forums, videos, and other simply. Simply refer to the front page.


During the days of webofcinema.ning.com people could use the chat at the bottom of the site and talk to any registered member of the site if they where on the site. This meant that as if you where a member of the site then as long as you where actively on the site you would be automatically in the chat. The concept is the same here with a few changes. First thing, improved altert system. When someone sends you any message on the chat you will hear a sound loud and clear that will call your attention. It only goes off when someone is attempting to speak with you on the chat. The chat is also located in the same place as it was on ning. The only real difference is that in order to talk to people on the chat they must first be on your friends list. On ning you where able to talk to anyone, but here only people on your friends list will be the ones who appear in the chat for you. If a person is not on your friends list then they wont appear on the chat for you.