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Midnite Movies with the Stoned Horror Critic - Archive

 Welcome to the Archive for SHC reviews where Ethan reviews some of the weirdest, worst, and most common horror films you've ever seen. To Watch an episode simply click on its title bellow.



 This is the new series, after I returned from my one-year creative hiatus and had a clear vision with what I wanted to do with Midnite Movies, and the Stoned Horror Critic character. Essentially. the SHC is a failed film critic (a parody of Armand White, actually), who after being laughed out of Cannes and Sundance is forced to be the host of an online riff show, where he reluctantly reviews and blasts cult films, usually of the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. I bring alot of comedic/non-comedic influences to the character, particularly the MST3K gang, The Cinema Snob, my old buddy The Angry Movie Critic (long gone from the internet, sadly), Blackadder, Bill Murray, and just a little Michael Ironside. Enjoy!

 SHC Reviews A Serbian Film

 SHC Reviews Flatliners



These are the original reviews I did before I really knew what I wanted to do with Midnite Movies and the Stoned Horror Critic character, creatively, before I took a one-year creative hiatus. These videos are...well, kind of bad, in my opinion. I was young, and new to reviewing at the time. I barely played a character, my editing skills were sub-par at best, and my delivery was pretty shitty. That being said, despite how I think of them, the Old Series of Midnite Movies is very much apart of my history and evolution as a film reviewer/online comedian, and I wouldn't have the new show if I never did the old show. So I thought I'd keep these all up, just because they're all important to who I am now. So, if you feel like watching the not-so-glamorous beginnings of the Stoned Horror Critic,enjoy!

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